The Wines

Our journey into the world of Dão wines begins here. Breathe deeply, fill your lungs with air and let yourself be transported by the aromas and tastes of wines awaiting discovery. Don’t make them wait any longer. Prepare to discover that what counts is not always past, but also future experience.

Discover the elegant maturity of Dão wines.


Because ruby is more than just a gem.

Ruby coloured, with a complex, delicate aroma and taste, very elegant and full-bodied with exceptional acidity. They have great potential for ageing as they possess an extraordinary bouquet and a velvety taste.


Because fruity tastes are no longer confined to the orchard.

Citrus colour with complex, delicate fruity aromas. Fresh on the palate with a balanced acidity and exuberant finish.

Sparkling wines

Because bubbles are a sign of happiness.

Fruity fragrances and a fresh, elegant, balanced, long lasting taste. Delicate, persistent fine bubbles involving all the senses, with a high degree of refinement and seduction.


Because there is more to pink than blushing.

Light with a flowery, fruity blend, and a fresh, persistent taste with balanced acidity.

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