Grape varieties

In addition to the special weather conditions, production methods and of great ingenuity and wisdom in wine of its population, the particular characteristics of Dão wines are deeply related to the use of appropriate varieties, within the recommended for the region.

Touriga Nacional

The noblest of the red grape varieties, it gives wines an intense red colour, with purplish-blue shades when young. The resulting aromas are intense and highly complex, with traces of very ripe dark fruit flavours and a hint of the wild and the forest. The wines are full-bodied, persistent and robust on the palate, with outstanding tannins that are very fruity when young. They possess great potential for prolonged ageing as they take on elegance and a distinct velvety aroma and taste.



This grape variety contributes to the excellent balance between acids, sugars, tannins and a good wine colour, whilst also providing delicate fruity aromas that are reminiscent of ripe strawberries and take on greater complexity as time goes by.



Aragonez – Tinta Roriz

A grape variety which intensifies the aromas of ripe fruit, providing plenty of colour and good alcohol levels. It is well-known for its excellent balance marked by the quality of its tannins and its balance of body and acidity, resulting in very elegant, harmonious wines with a great potential for ageing.




The wines made from this variety are elegant, with a regular alcohol level, bright in colour and very smooth, given the quality and mellowness of their tannins. But what sets this grape variety apart is its intense, delicate perfume, with a slight hint of raspberries.




This variety ranks first amongst white grape varieties. The wines are citrus in colour, with a good alcohol level. They are highly delicate and elegant with complex aromas with vegetable, flower and mineral notes. Delicate and elegant in taste, they provide a notable alcohol/acidity balance. They have great potential for prolonged ageing and surprise you with their freshness and persistence on the palate. This is the most balanced white grape variety of the Dão region.



Malvasia Fina

Used to obtain citrus-coloured wines, with intense, albeit simple, mainly flowery aromas, and a balanced acidity and elegant finish of medium persistency. It has great potential for ageing and its wines boast an extraordinary bouquet and change to a straw-yellow colour. Of further note is the complexity of their aromas associated with delicacy, balance and elegance. Blended with other grape varieties from Dão, this variety transmits the typicality and special personality of the white wines of the region.

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