Welcome Center

The Dão Board Commission is the promoter of the Dão Wines Route, and are responsible for the launch and operation of this project, which is assumed towards the founding adherents and those who will join later. Dão Wines Route is a promotional vehicle of the demarcated region and Dão wines.

The headquarters of Dão wines Route, is located at the Dão Wine Manor in Viseu, in a designated space Welcome Center, and its management responsibility of The Dão Board Commission.


Welcome Center it is open from Tuesday to Saturday and it has two wine tasting rooms, a media library and an exhibition hall. Here tourists can taste wines from different producers in the wine dispenser. In addition to the regular daily activity of wine tasting, the Welcome Center offers a vinic schedule of events, such as the release of wines from member producers, trainings, workshops, thematic events, among others. Visitors can purchase the wines in the taste and others that are on display and for sale.

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